A managed services agreement can take a project from business case through to product development. It will greatly assist when business constraints or headcount freezes happen during critical times on a project or assist when any other need is hindering clients from meeting project delivery.

When certain skills are required for a relative short period of time, there is an extremely short deadline or skills required are beyond internal capability, a managed service agreement can assist to fill the gap.

Working within a managed service agreement, clients enjoy one point of contact for the project who manages all elements of the deliverables as agreed within the service agreement. Working directly with the team (as opposed to the HR department), managed service agreements let RZ Group work with clients in a truly collaborative fashion.

With many years’ experience in providing managed service agreements for clients, the benefits clients enjoy include:

  • Full transparency and control of costs – with flexible payment options (including fixed price and time and materials) it is much easier to ensure projects are delivered within budget.
  • Ensuring project fulfillment – with managed service agreements, RZ Group can assist in making sure projects are completed on time, even when business constraints and headcount freezes hinder development.
  • Truly collaborative working – with a dedicated member of RZ Group managing the agreement, clients can relax in the knowledge they only need to deal with one person who has a deep understanding of the team, project, aims and objectives. Whilst working directly with the team rather than the HR Department, our staff can help to get the most from a managed service agreement and ensure clients are happy at every turn.
  • Lower cost – Using RZ Group’s managed services gives clients access to the right people at the right time without the need for a middle man, reducing time wasted and cutting costs.
  • Lower risk – we give clients peace of mind in relation to risk. We ensure clients meet legislative and contractual requirements and carry out stringent pre-employment screening on their behalf. We also reduce risk further by taking full responsibility of the project from implementation (including planning and employee engagement) through to delivery. This ensures quality processes and successful outcomes within the agreed timescales and budget.
  • Streamlined invoicing processes – our flexible payment options let clients enjoy streamlined invoicing processes as we can consolidate invoices on a frequency agreed from the outset.
  • Project fulfillment – with service deliverables, budgets and management of the project agreed from the start, having a managed service agreement in place ensures clients meet targets and achieve delivery excellence.