Managed recruitment services allow clients to benefit having one point of contact for their recruitment needs for a particular project or even that of the entire organisation. Our recruitment capability, coupled with our management and consulting experience, provides a structure in which we can manage all recruitment needs, be it a large recruitment drive or the recruitment of individuals on an ongoing basis.

This type of agreement allows clients to focus on core business issues as the agreement reduces administrative burden whilst delivering the recruitment needs of the organisation.

The main benefits of using RZ Group for a managed service recruitment agreement includes:

  • Improved efficiency– working closely with the client, we are able to help in setting recruitment strategy and work collaboratively with the client to ensure strategy is achieved.
  • Improved productivity – we can improve productivity through our experience in recruitment, management and consultancy. Our streamlined processes ensure efficiency, productivity and successful results.
  • Reduction in administrative burden – each agreement benefits from a single point of contact who will have a deep understanding of not only the client’s recruitment needs, but that of the overall business. This allows RZ Group to deliver the highest possible service.
  • Single point of contact – with a single point of contact managing the contract, clients benefit from increased productivity and efficiency which is easily realised through the management of payroll processes being completed externally. RZ Group would also engage with other contractors and manage other suppliers on the client’s behalf including taking care of legal compliance and carry out pre-employment screening checks.
  • Consolidated invoicing – with a managed recruitment service, invoicing is consolidated and completed on agreed terms with the client at the start of the contract.
  • Dedicated microsites for clients – we have the ability to improve results for specific recruitment drives by setting up a dedicated client microsite to drive traffic to increase interest in available vacancies.