Compliance is an ever changing and increasing need that businesses must adhere to. It creates administrative burden and takes many hours to ensure not only compliance with current legislation, but keeping abreast of up and coming changes an organisation will need to be compliant with in the near future.

By using RZ Group to assist in managing compliance requirements, clients can be rest assured that their business is and will continue to be compliant at all times.

With an appointed compliance consultant (who in turn becomes the organisation’s Compliance Officer/ Compliance Chief) the time currently taken by internal members of staff researching compliance legislation and ensuring cooperation will decrease dramatically. We take the administrative burden, worry and risk away.

Our managed compliance service includes:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Training and competence programmes
  • Auditing and reporting including compliance gaps
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Risk management – including assessing potential risks and vulnerabilities of the organisation

By outsourcing the compliance function, key members of staff are able to focus on the core activity of the business. We create and implement reasonable and appropriate policies and procedures to comply with current requirements, perform periodic evaluations to ensure clients are wholly compliant, simplify the overall compliance process and improve regulatory risk management. We can manage the total responsibility for compliance and sustain an effective risk and compliance management programme for our clients.