A large retail bank had already awarded a contract to staff a new 125 seat call centre on the outskirts of Glasgow. RZ Group proposed a more comprehensive candidate attraction and project management solution along with strict pre-employment vetting and on board procedures. A last minute decision was taken by the bank to award the contract to RZ Group. The call centre had to be fully operational within an 8-week period from a standing start. We were tasked with accurately defining the client’s requirements and the subsequent redesign and rebranding of a client newspaper advert for candidate attraction.

The candidates were channelled through RZ Group’s comprehensive 2 stage telephone screening process and then forwarded to the next stage at an assessment centre. We developed the assessment centre criteria in conjunction with the client and determined behavioural profiling and competency based questions.

Despite the client’s initial desire to work to a different process, RZ Group persuaded the bank to use out process which we believed would produce far better results in the long term and would greatly reduce candidate attrition – particularly in the short term. The screening process and assessment centres run by RZ Group ensured that only the best suited and most committed candidates were offered positions and subsequently hired.

Staffing call centres is a notoriously difficult task, often due to the lack of candidate reliability. RZ Group were delighted when, on the initial day of opening the call centre all 125 staff turned up for work. The bank had expected the figure to be no more than 100 and had built in contingency to cover this. They were incredibly impressed that every single candidate that had gone through the RZ Group process had started on their first day of opening.

We were subsequently acknowledged as an ‘outstanding partner’ at an award ceremony held by the bank later that year.