Enter into the exciting world of contracting

Organisations are always looking for contractors who can bring a wealth of experience and skills that will help them meet current business objectives. The engagement of contractors is now a key part of many organisations recruitment strategies and is continuing to grow.

A key area of RZ Group’s activity is in placing contractors. We can provide assistance to anyone who is looking to set themselves up as a contractor – it is surprisingly straightforward!

If you are interested in becoming a contractor or are looking for your next role, please get in touch.

Setting up a Limited Company

This guide gives you an idea of the steps involved in setting up a Limited Company. However, we do recommend that you consult an Accountant for professional and personalised advice.


You may find it easier to appoint an Accountant first of all and they will help you set up your limited company through Companies House.

2Business Bank Account

If you have appointed an Accountant, they will also be able to help you set up your business bank account.


It is important for every company to have the relevant insurance cover. RZ works with Kingsbridge Insurance – you can find more details about them here.

4VAT Registration

Register with HMRC for VAT and NI

5Invoice Client

You will find a sample invoice here that you are welcome to adapt and use for yourself – these are likely to be due monthly, but this will be determined by your contract.

Upload your C.V.