RZ Group (part of Outsource UK) are delighted to be the Recruitment Partner for DIGIT’s 3rd Annual IT & Digital Leaders’ Summit on 30th May 2019 at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.

This is a full day event and is free to attend – Registration can be made at www.digitleaders.com

This is our 2nd time sponsoring the event and after the roaring success of last year, we’re hoping for more of the same.

We look forward to joining Ray & the team at DIGIT next week.

Please come along and say hello… no doubt we’ll have some sweets and other goodies to give away!


As technology has evolved IT has transitioned from a background support function to a core driver of value creation and competitive edge. This shift has placed senior technologists at the heart of the organisation where they are increasingly critical to decision making, strategy and leadership.

The DIGIT Leader Summit will explore the evolution of the IT & Digital profession, considering the key technology and business trends and the profound impact they are having on the role. The programme will also examine the crucial components of leadership, looking at culture; team building, upskilling and communication.

The Summit is geared for senior IT & Digital leaders, and designed to provide an opportune forum for practitioners to share their experiences, learn from their peers and discuss best-practice approaches to leadership.


  • Trends: Key technology trends and business trends
  • IT Evolution: How the IT and Digital role is changing and evolving
  • Leadership: Empowering, engaging, motivating and inspiring teams
  • Culture: Creating a culture of inclusion, innovation and exploration
  • Impact: Technology as a driver of innovation, improvement and problem solving
  • IT Management: Investment, ITAM, cost control, vendor management


  • Christopher Wroath, Director of Digital @ NHS
  • Leah Hutcheon, CEO @ Appointedd
  • Michael Anderson, Author & Serial Entrepreneur
  • Ronnie Corse, Head of Technology @ Sky
  • Callum McLean, Head of Innovation & Data @ Natural Power
  • Andrew Dobbie, Managing Director @ MadeBrave
  • Kristine Kirby, CEO @ Aliferous Digital
  • Sunny Dhami, Director of Product @ RingCentral
  • Liza Horan, Director @ Media Moxie
  • Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC
  • Ray Bugg, Founder, DIGIT